Call Centre Process Specialist Interview Questions

Call centre process specialist interview questions are programmed by the experts to interview the interested candidates to hire the deserving one. By asking these questions, the selection panel can easily evaluate the education level, professional attitude and experience of conducting & completing various call centre process functions.

Sample Call Centre Process Specialist Interview Questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your overall call centre experience as a process associate? Why are you interested to work with us?
  • Explain any three routine functions of a call centre process specialist?
  • How do you maintain and process the call centre procedures daily? What sources of communication do you use for the same?
  • Do you think you can easily handle TEL wireless connections? Can you perform the troubleshooting in case of urgency?
  • Are you aware about the call centre policies and procedures to conduct diverse operations?
  • What method do you follow to type the process schedules and orders? How do you interface with the distribution channels around the world?
  • How do you respond to the high priority complaints and questions of customers and agents?
  • What software or technique do you use to upload and update the recorded data? Tell us the procedure to review a particular file?
  • Tell us how does you’re analytical and problem solving skills can benefit our call centre department?
  • How does a troubleshooting error impact on the working of a call centre? Explain with the help of an example.
  • Do you think you need further training to work with us?
  • Why should we hire you over other contenders?

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