Call Centre Sales Manager Interview Questions

Call centre sales manger interview questions are widely used to interview the interested job seekers, who seek to join as a call centre sales manager. By evaluating the overall professional experience, educational qualifications and knowledge of dealing with different sales issues, the best applicant is hired on this job position.

Sample Call Centre Sales Manager Interview Questions:

  • Kindly mention something about your experience. Why do you want to work with us?
  • Why did you choose sales as your career?
  • What are the primary job duties of a call centre sales manager?
  • Please tell us about your interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities?
  • What strategy do you follow to locate the potential customers and to gather their contact details?
  • Do you think you can train the newly appointed call centre team?
  • How do you prepare and influence your sales team to accomplish the assigned targets within the given deadlines?
  • How efficient are you in forecasting and analysing the data against the sales department budget figures?
  • As per your experience, what is the best method of liaising and convincing the potential customers in order to sell the products?
  • What type of products have you handled in your previous organization?
  • Discuss your trick of setting up the sales team targets.
  • Name the reports prepared by you weekly and monthly.
  • How do you store the confidential call centre sales data? What technique do you use to review the updated databases by your sales team?
  • If we appoint you today, when are you available to work? Are you comfortable with the offered salary and perks?

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