Call Centre Team Leader Interview Questions

Call Centre Team Leader Interview Questions are the questions posed in front of an applicant who has applied for a job at a call centre for the team leader’s position. Such questions must be asked to test the skills of the applicant regarding being a team leader at the call centre. A Call centre team leader is a person who leads a team of call centre executives on a project and makes deadlines for them to complete. He is in charge of a small group of people and there are multiple team leaders working for a call centre.

Sample Call Centre Team Leader Interview Questions:

  • Please say something about yourself in a few words.
  • Have you worked as a team leader before?
  • Where did you work as a call centre customer representative prior to this?
  • What product were you majorly involved with?
  • Would you be comfortable working here as a team leader considering that this field is quite different from your earlier job?
  • In case of a pressure situation, how would you handle a group of 6 people and how do you think would you distribute work?
  • Would you be able to manage a team in case a team member backs off or quits?
  • What do you think are the main qualities of a team leader?
  • What are your strong and weak points?
  • How do you think would you work on your weak points?
  • What is the ideal and best work environment for you?

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