CAPM Certification Interview Questions

A CAPM certification is undertaken by ones planning to take up a career in project management. There are various levels of certification that a candidate can obtain according to the level of entry being aimed at. The interview questions after CAPM certification is performed to check the understanding level of the candidate with regard to the capability to manage a project independently.

Sample CAPM Certification Interview Questions

  • How will the CAPM certification help you in taking up a career?
  • Which industry do you plan to join after completion of the CAPM certification?
  • Are you now fully trained to become a certified project manager?
  • Do you have any other earlier work experience?
  • Have you pursued any other course related to project management?
  • Tell something about your educational background?
  • How will the project manager determine the staffing requirements of an organization?
  • What is the main function of a change control board?
  • In what situations is the PERT method mostly made use of?
  • What is the importance you will attribute to quality in a project?
  • What will a cost benefit ratio indicate in a project?
  • Give one function of a kick-off meeting?
  • Explain why post contract evaluation is important by giving few reasons?
  • What is the basis of communication management plan?
  • What is a project’s scope statement?
  • What are all the things that need to be archived upon completion of a project?
  • Which is the most crucial phase of a project? Give an example to explain it?

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