Cashier Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us one interesting experience you faced in your last job?
  2. Greed can lead to loss of integrity in a person. What is your view on this?
  3. As a cashier what is the most daunting task you have to encounter on day to day basis?
  4. How do you plan to report to the top management about the cash needs and availability?
  5. What according to you is the important aspect of this job?
  6. Tell us an instance where your experience as a cashier helped your management?
  7. What is difference between cash flow and fund flow?
  8. Do you have prior experience in any financial software?
  9. How do you segregate between liquid cash and current assets?
  10. Is there any difference between cash discounts and rebate?
  11. How will you prepare daily cash reconciliation statements? How will you deal with the difference in them, if any?

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