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Citizenship Interview Questions

Citizenship interview questions will not make you nervous if you prepare well for them.  Whether it is the US citizenship interview or the Canadian or the UK citizenship interview, generally the stress is on testing your communication skills in English language as well as your knowledge of history and civics of the concerned country. While […]

Dual Citizenship Interview Questions

Dual citizenship is the term indicating the fact that a person is a legal citizen of two countries at a time. It could be due to various reasons like birth, marriage and job etc which might force a candidate to take the citizenship of two counties. USA, Canada and UK are a very good example […]

Portugal Citizenship Interview Questions

Portugal Citizenship is a legal procedure by which one can expect to get the citizenship of that country. In order to obtain the citizenship of Portugal one will have to be the descendents of Portuguese parents, married to a Portuguese or by naturalization. In some cases a child adopted by the Portuguese’s parents can also […]

Pakistani Citizenship Interview Questions

Pakistan is an Islamic country. In order to get citizenship of Pakistan one must pass certain conditions and tests. Dual citizenship was not permitted under the law earlier but now government of Pakistan recognises and allows its citizens to also hold the citizenships of 16 other countries. One has to prepare required documents and collect […]

Indian Citizenship Interview Questions

Indian citizenship interview is conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MAH), Govt. of India. One needs to go with passport, visa, birth certificates and other necessary documents. Overseas citizenship of India can be considered as Dual citizenship of India to some extent. This privilege is given to those people who at any point of […]

UK Citizenship Interview Questions

UK is located northern-west coast of continental Europe. “Life in the United Kingdom Test (settlement or ILR, Indefinite Leave to remain) is a test which one needs to clear in order to get the permanent citizenship in United Kingdom. This test is set by selected testing centers which focus on British society and culture, and […]

Thailand Citizenship Interview Questions

Thailand is a beautiful country and one amongst the most favorite destination of the tourists in the world. To become a Thai citizen one must have been stayed in Thailand for 3 continuous years before applying for the citizenship. The expedient must be able to speak and understand basic Thai. Anyone wanting to become a […]

Russian Citizenship Interview Questions

Russia is the largest country in the world and the ninth most populous nation in the world. The first citizenship act was passed in Russia in 1991 which was later replaced by a new act in 2002 by President Putin. This act stated that one can acquire citizenship by birth, by naturalization, by restoration of […]

Roman Citizenship Interview Questions

To become a citizen of Rome one has to attend the citizenship interview forum and answer the questions asked their regarding the history of Rome and some personal questions from the candidate. One has to present all his documents to become a citizen of Rome a city and capital of Italy which comes in European […]

Estonian Citizenship Interview Questions

Estonia is a country which is a part of Soviet Union and has gained independence in 1992. There is a new citizenship law which is applicable in Estonia after the constitution formulation. As per this law the initial legal registry of Estonian Citizenship is done by Citizens’ committees. A procedure needs to be followed by […]