Category: Medical Interview Questions

Medicine Interview Questions

Medicine interview questions are the questions asked to an individual appearing for a post in the field of medicine. The designation can be that of a doctor, or an intern or a medical assistant in any medical centre. The questions asked in the interview should help to gauge the medical knowledge of the interviewee and […]

Medical Intern Interview Questions

A medical intern interview questions are the questions asked to an individual appearing for the interview of a medical intern in a hospital or a nursing home or a medical centre. A medical intern is usually a person who has just completed his M.B.B.S. degree or any other medical degree and wants on job training. […]

Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Medical assistant interview questions are the questions asked to an individual appearing for an interview for the position of a medical assistant. The medical assistant has to deal with patients, so he needs to have knowledge about few medical procedures as well as should know how to calm down patients. These interview questions should be […]

Office Medical Interview Questions

Have you ever worked in any medical office? Any negative experience you have had in your candidature? Do you hold any special medical certificate in terms of managing front and back office? Tell us something about your coordination skills? How will you manage your work when you are under stress and over loaded with work? […]

Medical Receptionist Interview Questions

How will you introduce yourself as a medical reception representative? Do you know the responsibilities associated with your job? Have you scored any speciality in this field? Have you taken any training for this interview? How do you deal with angry visitors and sick patients? What all software are you aware about? What are your […]

Medical consultant job Interview Questions

Tell us something about your area of expertise? Do you have any current case study on any subject? How many journals of yours have been published? Mention the name of online websites where these are fleshed till date? State the techniques you use to treat a patient with stroke? Have you ever handled any critical […]

Medical Billing Interview Questions

Do you have any previous experience of medical billing? Any course secured in billing? Which software do you use while preparing a bill? Which location you will use to save the bill in computer memory? Do you have any experience in working with a team or you prefer to work in single cabin? Describe the […]

Sample Medical School Interview Questions

What is the motivation behind your obsession to be a doctor? What your parents do? What are your pass time hobbies? How do you manage study and relaxation together? Name the five medicines along with their formula? Why do you want to join this school and reason behind leaving previous school? How would you manage […]