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Sales Interview Questions

Sales interview questions are generally designed to test your sales and marketing skills.  Though the questions may vary from job to job, the general questions remain the same kind.  While preparing for these questions, it is important to know that the organizations generally test the core skills and abilities required for a particular job. It […]

Entry Level Sales Interview Questions

Entry level sales Interview questions are asked form individuals who are foraying into sales jobs for the first time. The questions for this interview must be designed in a manner to asses the candidate’s ambitions for future and key skills that he posses. A job in sales is demanding and requires constant learning of skills […]

Hotel Sales Manager Interview Questions

Hotel sales manager interview questions are questions that are asked from individual who appear for the role of hotel sales manager. The role of a hotel sales manager is as important as others and requires some key skills to function properly. The set of questions should be set accordingly to gauge the candidate compatibility with […]

Medical Sales Interview Questions

Medical sales Interview Questions are set of questions asked form individuals who appear for the post of medical representative. The questions asked in the interview are specifically designed to understand the nature and behavior of the candidate. It also tests the intelligence of the candidate under pressure and how easily he can use his academic […]

Sales Manager Interview Questions

Sales manager interview questions are questions asked from persons who appear for the role of sales managers. The questions asked for this role are exquisitely designed to gather information about the individual who is appearing for the interview. The role of a sales manager requires various set of skills. A candidate appearing for the role […]

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

Pharmaceutical sales interview questions are questions that are asked form person who appear for the role pharmaceutical sales representative. The role of pharmaceutical sales representative is to promote the sales of the new medicine developed by companies. The role requires a sound professional knowledge and high motivation to market products easily. The set of questions […]

Sample Sales Interview Questions

Tell us about your background? Why did you resign your previous organization? Explain the reason behind it? Why do you want to work with us? How do you rate your expertise in retail field? Mention about your negative experiences till date? Explain the special skills and qualities you have which make you perfect for this […]

Sales Interview Questions to Ask

Tell us something about yourself? You are post graduate. You could have opted for a good post then why do you want to work this position? Why there is a six months gap in your candidature? What aspects are important in sales? What is your practice to wedged sale? Tell us something about your previous […]

Outside sales interview questions

Have you any experience about outside sales? It is different concept from indoor sale? Why do you want to resign your current organization? Tell us something about you background? How would you prefer to do outside sale; alone or in a team? Do you think you have excellent convincing skills to motivate a customer to […]

Common sales Interview Questions

What you have learnt from your till date experience? Which is your biggest strength and what else you need to improve in your skills to meet satisfaction level? Which is more important for you: high salary or desired designation? What is the definition of sale? To sale anything before you need to sale yourself, what […]