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Quality Analyst Interview Questions

A quality analyst is a person who is responsible for analyzing the quality processes and standards used in companies and organizations. These individuals are employed in software companies or manufacturing firms. Quality analyst interview questions are those kinds of questions which are asked from a person who is appearing for a job interview for the […]

Java Architecture Interview Questions

The java architecture interview questions are asked to candidate who is aspiring to take up the profession of java architecture . The candidate has to get the attention of the employers by answering the questions in the best possible way. He should have knowledge in developing websites, software testing, designing databases and language programming. The […]

Software Testing Interview Questions

Software testing interview questions are questions which are asked to a candidate who is sitting for the interview to apply for the post of a software tester. The employers hold interviews to get to know the candidates better and to assess their skills relating to the particular post. The candidate should have thorough knowledge regarding […]

Software Interview Questions

Software interview questions test different aspects, which include personality traits, software knowledge and skills, technical know-how, software development skills etc.  Depending on the position and seniority, the questions may vary. Generally software interviews begin with personality and behavioral questions as these act as warm up questions.  Be prepared to talk about yourself, your goals, ambitions, […]

Software Interview Questions Link-2

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Software Interview Questions Link-1

Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions Software Manual Testing Interview Question Software Engineer Interview Questions Software Engineering Interview Questions Software Developer Interview Questions Software Quality Interview Questions Software Architect Interview Questions Software Design Interview Questions Software Tester Interview Questions Software Manager Interview Questions Embedded Interview Questions Intel Interview Questions Interview Sql server interview questions MS access […]

Pro *C interview questions

How much care you familiar with Pro*C? Do you have any experience with this complier? Have you scored any kind of specialization in C programming? Explain Concept of Pro*C briefly? What is the use of it? Tell about the syntax of Pro*C? What processor directives and statements levels are used in Pro*C? Explain host variable? […]

Common C Interview Questions

What is C language? Explain Object Oriented Programming? Is there any difference between C and Object Oriented Programming? Explain the different features and advantages of C language? What is variable, character and constant? Where these three is used in C language? Explain the function of void (), getch () and main ()? How does getch […]

Objective Interview Questions

Tell us something about your interests and hobbies? What is more important to you: money or designation? How would you like to work: alone or in a team? Would you like to work in a day shift or night shift? How do you evaluate your performance based on targets achieved at day end or targets […]

Advance Interview Questions

Tell us about your academic qualifications and communicational skills? Are you aware about the brand new software and hardware configurations in order to tackle a minor problem in the absence of concerned IT person? Do you have any experience with graphic designing and publishing? How do you produce a sketch of our product brochure and […]