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C Win forms Interview Questions

Tell us something about your experience in C language? How many books have you read on C programming and which is your favourite book? Explain the difference between Trace. Write and Debug. Write? Where can you use these? What are Dock and Anchor properties? State the difference between two? Discuss error provider control? Where can […]

C Technical Interview Questions

Tell us something about your higher academic qualifications? Name the institution from where you have completed your qualifications? Do you think you need any training to prepare a project on c language? What do you understand from variable? Where can you use static and dynamic variables? Discuss the difference between structure and string? Why these […]

C Language Interview Questions

Give a brief introduction over C language? How many programs have you prepared in this language? Discuss about your expertise and work load till date? What are the different data types and structures used in C language? Explain the difference between Null pointer and Null array? What is the use of these two? What is […]

C, C++ Interview Questions

What do you understand from C and C++? Explain the difference between both languages? Which language is better: C and C++? Do you think C++ is the advanced version of C? Explain the different features of C++ which is better than C language? Name the same operators and commands used in C and C++? Explain […]

C Programming Interview Questions

What is a programming language? Do you have any experience about programming in C? Do you know about different kinds of data types, variables and constant used in C programming? Define a class in C language? Can you create more than one class in C program? If yes, explain the procedure with the help of […] Interview Questions

Share your knowledge on How many years of experience do you have on Can you work under pressure? How would you complete a project in short deadline? Do you need any training to work with our organization? What do you know about syntax error? Where these errors take place? How will you reduce […]

C Sharp Interview Questions

Do you have any project on C language? Tell us something about your experience? What is the basic difference between C and C++? Explain the different features of both? Explain: object, class and void ()? How do you create a class in C programme? Can you create more than one class in one program using […]

C Interview questions

What is your core experience in working with the C language and where have you used it? If I wanted to sort data, what is the quickest way of doing so in C? What is the significance of a null pointer in C? What are executable files and how do you reduce its file size? […]

UNIX Interview Questions

Do you have any working experience on UNIX? Explain UNIX? Do you think that UNIX is better from other operating systems? If yes, tell why? UNIX is more portable as compared to other operating systems, explain how? Explain the steps to configure a disk? What is VG? How can you add a new disk in […]

C Pointer Interview questions

Why would you like to apply for this post and why did you specifically choose this field? Why do you use macros in C programming? Can you give me one advantage and a disadvantage for doing so? How can you determine when there is a memory leak? In a singly linked list if you have […]