Category: Technical Interview Questions

Millwright Interview Question

A Millwright is a professional who looks after the construction as well as the maintenance of various types of machineries. The Millwright interview questions are asked to those candidates who wish to work in this job position. With the help of millwright interview questions, an applicant’s technical knowledge of installing and maintaining machines, understanding of […]

Aircraft Pilot Interview Questions

Aircraft pilot interview questions are asked to an eligible applicant who appears for the job interview to work on Aircraft pilot job position. During an interview round, this set of aircraft pilot interview questions evaluates the professional qualities, technical abilities and flying skills of an interested applicant and also ensures his/ her selection for his […]

Technical Illustrator Interview Questions

Technical illustrator interview questions are designed by the professionals in order to initiate an interview procedure of interested candidates who look forward to work on this designation. A technical illustrator should have sound knowledge of official technical illustration procedures, experience of sorting technical illustration issues and ability to perform various illustration issues. Sample of Technical […]

Technical Recruiter Interview Questions

Technical recruiter interview questions are a set of professionally designed questions asked to a job applicant who is willing to work as a technical recruiter. By using these technical recruiter interview questions, a professional recruitment team ensures if the job contender has impressive communication skills, sufficient experience and knowledge to work on this job position. […]

Electronics Technical Interview Questions

Please take us through your resume? What are your hobbies? Tell us your academic qualifications in the field of Electronics? Name the institution from where you have completed your internship? How many years of Technical experience do you have in the field? What do you understand by Generator Neutral Accessory Compartment? Where can you use […]

Electrical Technical Interview Questions

Tell us something about your background? What are your technical qualifications in the Electrical Field? How do you rate your Electrical Technical Experience? With how many organizations have you worked with? Give the formula to measure the earth resistance of circuit? What should be its exact values? Explain the first zone of protection? Why does […]

Electrical Engineering Technical Interview Questions

Give an overview of your resume? Name the Institutions and University from which have you completed your Masters in Electrical Engineering? Do you have any technical experience of working on Electrical goods? Why Electrical Engineering is an important branch of engineering? Why have you chosen your career in this field? What do you understand by […]

Engineering Technical Interview Questions

According to you what are the strengths of a civil engineer? What do you understand by the heat rate of a plant? What is the fundamental difference between a micro processor and a microcontroller? What do you understand by surge arresyor? Tell us the main features of a transformer. What do you about interlock protection? […]

DOT NET Technical Interview Questions

Can you tell us briefly the role played by inetiinfo.exe in the main page loading process? Please differentiate between a Site Template and a Site Definition in the SharePoint Portal? Tell us which files are normally used in defining the feature in SharePoint? What are the various uses of SiteMap? What are the different Navigation […]

DELL Technical Interview Questions

Can you name the founder and chairman of DELL? What do you know about Asymmetric Multiprocessing or AMP? What can you tell us about an Object Server? What does ‘isEmpty() member method’ mean? Please differentiate between a snow flake schema and a star flake? Normally a node is a link list of each entry. Do […]