Category: Technical Interview Questions

Desktop Support Technical Interview Questions

What do you understand by an active directory? What do you mean by DNS? What are general circumstances when this is put to use? What role does a ‘reverse lookup’ and ‘forward lookup’ has to play in DNS? Tell us what you know about ‘A records’ and ‘mx records’? What is the basic difference between […]

CRM Technical Interview Questions

How will you differentiate between an R/3 and CRM? What are the chief features of CRM? What are the 5 advantages of CRM? CRM Help the organization’s sales staff to make the closure of the deals much faster. What is your take on this? Explain in short how CRM can help an establishment in simplifying […]

C++ Technical Interview Questions

How much experience do you have C++ working? Enumerate the basic advantages and disadvantages of Binary trees which is enjoys over B-star trees? Differentiate between an internal iterator and an external iterator. Do you know which recursive sorting technique is sure to make recursive calls to do the sorting of subarrays those are generally half […]

COBOL Technical Interview Questions

1. What does level 49 signify in COBOL parlance? 2. Tell us how can you devise a program with various pull down and list boxes menus like excel. 3. Is it possible that without using the host variables we might select a working storage section variable? 4. What is the procedure of reading a file […]

Computer Technical Interview Questions

Suppose you find there are 40 computers and 4 switches in the office. Now tell us how will you connect those computers? How will you configure them? What is the term used when one finds two different network layers are actually in communication with each other? What are different types of WAP protocols and what […]

Common Technical Interview Questions

Tell us the basic difference between POP (Procedure Oriented Programming) and the OOP (Object Oriented Programming). What do you understand by domain and a zone? What do you mean by Pragma exception_init()? Does it really work? What advantage does a cisco switch have over a Cisco router? Do you know about SDLC?  Can you tell […]

Business Objects Technical Interview Questions

What do you understand by Synchronization in the Business Objects? Tell us the major difference between the two – business objects 6.5 and the XI R2? What do you think – DWH and Data Mart are normalized or are they renormalized? Do they have their existence in the same tier? What do you know about […]

Business Analyst Technical Interview Questions

So you left your Master’s Degree in Business Analyst course midway during your stay at London School of Economics. Why? Tell us what are the things you would do to merge the various business areas in your business just to ensure better efficiency? As a business analyst, what documentations process do you generally adhere to […]

BP Technical Interview Questions

What is your highest qualification in drilling? Give us an instance where you had to stay for a long period in a terrorist prone place in an alien country. What are the steps you would keep in mind to in resolving the problems that can arise while drilling in a new country? Can you please […]

Best Technical Interview Questions

Talk us through your resume and mention a little about your background? Give us an overview over your technical qualifications? Explain the procedure to mix programming languages in a single ASMX file? How namespace can be imported by an ASMX file? Which Dos command is used to clear the page? What is the difference between […]