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Top Interview Questions

Most interview questions are designed to gauge your suitability for a job by testing different aspects, like your educational background, personality traits, behavioral attitudes etc.  Though each interview may be different and though different jobs require different qualifications, there are some questions that you may come across in most interviews. Top interview questions would generally […]

Top QA Interview Questions

Top QA interview questions are the questions which are asked to assess the ability of the candidate to implement the quality and its functions for the quality related needs of the organization for its product and services. The candidate is asked the questions about his abilities to implement the error prevention process to get the […]

Top Engineering Interview Questions

Top engineering interview questions are asked from the candidates appearing for various positions related to engineering. The questions are based upon the specialization of their specific field. They will also be asked about the hand on industry experience if the candidate has any. The candidate will be analyzed based upon his technical knowledge and educational […]

Top Education Interview Questions

Top education interview questions are asked from the candidates who wish to work with the education industry. In such interviews, candidates are asked about their educational background along with their experience in the field of education. They are also enquired about their reading habits and experience in writing the educational material. People linked with education […]

Top Customer Service Interview Questions

Top customer service interview questions are asked from the candidate looking for an opening in the field of customer support. These questions focus on the ability of the candidate to handle the customer queries and providing the customer with the best solution. In these interviews the interviewee tries to assess the presence of mind of […]

Top Common Interview Questions

Top common interview questions are the questions which are very frequently asked in the process of the recruiting an employee for the organization. There are some common questions which are asked to assess the basic aptitude of the candidate. The general ability of the candidate is analyzed by these questions so that the interviewee can […]

Top Finance Interview Questions

The top finance interview questions are asked to the candidates who are appearing for positions related to finance areas such as banking, investment, insurance etc. On the basis of the position being applied for, the questions vary from being simple to more complex. On the whole there are some common questions that a candidate should […]

Top Job Interview Questions

Any candidate appearing for an interview for a specified position in a company has to face some of the most commonly asked interview questions. These top job interview questions are those that display the required skills of a candidate for a said position. The interviewers ask these common questions to assess the character and personality […]

Top SEO Interview Questions

The top SEO interview questions are asked to candidate’s appearing for the position of SEO expert who helps in building the online business and reputation for a website. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and the role of an SEO is to look into things that help build the search engine rankings. As this is an […]

Top Sales Interview Questions

The top sales interview questions are asked to any candidate that has come for an interview for a sales position. The candidate appearing for the sales position should possess good knowledge of the related field and the knowledge about the company for which an interview is attended. The candidate should portray proper attitude and behavior […]