Category: Types of Interview Questions

Types of Interview Questions

Interview questions are designed to test the suitability of a candidate for a prospective job opening.  Questions are set to test different aspects of the candidate’s personality, professional credentials and check how best he/she is suited for a particular job. Interview questions can be categorized into different types, both by the structure and the content […]

Types of Behavioral Interview Questions

The behavior based interview tries to predict the future behavioral tendencies of the candidate by looking at the past behavior and attitude of the candidate. The STAR approach – Skill, Training, Action and Result is the model used for these types of interviews. In order to assess the candidate’s perspective via his or her outlook, […]

Types of Second Interview Questions

Second interview questions are the questions which are asked from the candidates appearing for the second round of interview after clearing the first one. The second round of interviews is very important and these are mostly taken by someone from the department for which the candidate has applied for. After assessing the technical skills of […]

Three Types of Interview Questions

Interview is an important process in order to judge the suitability of the candidate for any given position. The interview process helps to assess the skill sets, qualifications as well as the experience of the candidate. There are various different types of questions are put in front of the candidate during the interview process. These […]

Different Types Of Interview Questions

Interview is a very crucial process from the point of an employer. An employer has to be very careful while designing an interview procedure for any profile. Interview is an opportunity for an employer to screen the abilities of the candidates.  The employer must try to know the maximum about the candidate in a limited […]