Category: Written Interview Questions

Written Interview Questions

Written interview questions are designed to test your written skills, grammatical accuracy, sentence formation, clarity of thought and expression among other things.  Many interviews use written tests as a first step in the interview process. While preparing for written interview questions, it is best to practice by writing answers to typical or sample interview question.  […]

Report Writing Interview Questions

Tell us about you background and hobbies? What are your high level educational qualifications? From which organization have you completed you internship in the field of writing? Why do you want to join us and what is the reason behind your resignation from your previous organisation? How many years of experience do you have in […]

Content Writing Interview Questions

Let us know about yourself? Name the institution from which have you completed your higher level education? What is your till date experience in Content Writing? Have you ever worked with any MNC as a content writer? What do you understand by content writing? What is the use of content writing in blogs and websites? […]

Business Writing Interview Questions

Talk us through your resume? How many years of experience do you have in business writing? Tell us about you academic qualifications? How do you rate your writing skills? What do you understand by Business writing? What is the role of Business Writing in a Management growth? Which resources do you like to use when […]

Creative Writing Interview Question

What interests you most about this profile and what advantages do you bring to the table as compared to others? When applying for a particular position, what are the few things that you seek in the job role? What are the auditing methods that you use to audit your own writing? How good are you […]

Journalism Writing Interview Question

What are your arguments to support of the reason that we should be hiring you? What are the positive traits about a journalist? What are your most important long term goals and how are your short term goals aligned to meet them? What are the few aspects that journalism should highlight? What do you know […]

Technical Writing Interview Question

Please talk us through your resume highlighting your educational background? What is your motivation to join the field of technical writing? Do you have a computer at home? Can you briefly describe about the assembly and components of your computer? Have you ever created a user manual? What were the problems you faced with creation? […]