Catering Manager Interview Questions

Catering manager interview questions are used as an effective tool to interview the interested individuals, who are seeking to sit for the job interview of a catering manager. After compiling educational qualifications, professional experience and knowledge of conducting diverse catering factions, a deserving candidate can be appointed on this designation.

Sample Catering Manager Interview Questions:

  • Walk us through your candidature. Why do you want to work with us?
  • Explain the main job duties of a catering manager.
  • As a catering manager, what have you learnt from your previous mistakes and achievements?
  • How do you organize the external and internal catering events?
  • What is your technique to develop, plan and operate the various catering procedures?
  • Tell us a time when you faced conflicts with your senior catering officer. How did you manage such a difficult situation?
  • What is your strategy to hire, train and schedule the working procedures for the newly appointed staff?
  • How do you prepare and implement the marketing plans to promote the various catering programs?
  • Discuss your method to collect and review the receivable payments from the potential clients. Do you think offering discounts is a good idea to generate the desired business?
  • How do you handle the high profile clients by understanding and serving their overall catering requirements?
  • What essential catering arrangement do you make for the better catering services?
  • How do you maintain the sanitation and cleanness standards in the restaurants?
  • What do you understand from catering labour cost control, menu preparation and overall transportation facilities?
  • If we hire you, when can you join us?

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