Chef Job interview questions

  1. Give us a briefing about yourself?
  2. Explain your experience and passions?
  3. Why did you choose the profession of Chef? Name the restaurants/ hotels with whom you have worked till date?
  4. What is your point of view about your profession and what all you have observed when you been to any restaurants / properties? Did you have any interaction with our hotel staff and manger as a customer?
  5. Why you are interested to work with our chain and how did you compare yourself with other candidates for the same appointment?
  6. Share your weakness and strength with us? How would you handle a stressful condition?
  7. Have you ever attended any interview before with us?
  8. Mention any three qualities which an efficient chef should possess?
  9. What are the things that you notice first in the kitchen of hotel and other appointments in same field?
  10. What are your dreams and where would you like to see yourself after three years?
  11. Are you satisfied with the annual package and timings of working offered by us?

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