Chemist Interview Questions

The chemist interview questions are those questions that are asked to an individual who is appearing for in an interview for the position of a chemist in a laboratory or a pharmacy. The questions asked in the interview are based on the past working experience of the chemist and his knowledge about the job functions. Some questions can also be general questions about personal details of the interviewee.

Sample Chemist Interview Questions

  • Please tell us a little about yourself.
  • Tell us about your last job function and was it relevant to the current job function?
  • Give a description of your field experience in your last job.
  • Do you have knowledge about the various kinds of medicines required for a certain illness?
  • Your job profile requires you to directly interact with the customer and so it is necessary to have a good communication skill. How confident are you about your communication skill?
  • Do you have experience of working in both laboratory as well as a pharmacy?
  • Have you ever collected any sample or aware of sample collection techniques by using sampling equipments?
  • Have you ever worked under a difficult situation? If yes, how did you handle the situation?
  • Do you have any experience of organic instructions?
  • It is important to have basic computer skills for this job type.  Explain in details your computer application skills, especially in regards to Microsoft office.
  • What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  • If selected, how soon can you join us?

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