Child Care Job Interview Questions

  1. What according is the most vital component of being successful in this job?
  2. What temperament is required from you to fulfill the obligations of the job?
  3. What are your expectations from this work profile?
  4. Tell me briefly the child laws that govern a child care organization?
  5. Have you even been held responsible for any mishap during your previous job in child care?
  6. Are you averse to working in night shifts?
  7. Which age group in child care is the most difficult one?
  8. Where do you see the child health care sector 5 years down the line?
  9. What is that one thing which you like the most in child care job?
  10. Narrate one instance where you had nightmarish experience while dealing with children in child care unit?
  11. Do you think getting adequate incentives for your work will suffice your expectations?

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