CISA Certification Interview Questions

CISA certification interview questions are asked to the interested contenders, who are willing to pass the interview round for working as a CISA certified professional in some organization. By assessing the professional abilities and knowledge of handling diverse CISA procedures all applicants, a deserving candidate is being awarded with this certification to work professionally.

Sample CISA Certification Interview Questions:

  • Kindly mention something about your experience as a CISA candidate.
  • Why did you want to secure this certification? Kindly tell us the contribution of such a certification in your candidature?
  • Define any three major job duties of a CISA certified specialist.
  • Tell us about your analytical, auditing and business system controlling skills.
  • How do you rate your decision making abilities?
  • Explain the process of an auditing information system. How many types of an auditing system are available for conducting excellent business system analysis?
  • Talk about the standard guidelines and policies of CISA auditing procedures.
  • Discuss the role of risk management and assessment in CISA.
  • What are the objectives of conducting a CISA audit?
  • How do you evaluate the effectiveness of IT governance departments to ensure the implementation of performance oriented decisions and strategies?
  • Mention something about your role with the human resource department in terms of initiating timely CISA audit procedures?
  • What do you understand from an evidence life cycle?
  • What technique do you use to store the auditing & analytical data? How do you update the record shelves regarding the same?

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