CITRIX Certification Interview Questions

The primary focus of CITRIX Certification is to offer training in virtualization in computing activities undertaken by various organizations. There are various categories of certification that an individual can choose according to the job roles taken up by a person such as administration series, engineer series and the architect series. The CITRIX certification interview aims to judge the know-how of a person with respect to the domain they have taken up certification in.

Sample CITRIX Certification Interview Questions

  • What is the basic purpose of your pursuing a CITRIX Certification?
  • Which module of CITRIX Certification have you chosen from administration, engineering and architecture?
  • What is the basic requirement to install a CITRIX server?
  • What is a client lock down?
  • What are the various versions of CITRIX?
  • What are different ports used in CITRIX?
  • What is the procedure to recover files when IMA is failing?
  • How can one change the XML port?
  • What is a query command?
  • What is the purpose of a data collector?
  • What are the pros and cons of published applications and published desktops?
  • What is the name of the CMD file that runs every time a user logs into CITRIX?
  • What is the default ICA port number?
  • What are the contents of an ica file?
  • What is a speed screen?
  • Write a code for a minimal spanning tree?
  • What is the process to implement the CITRIX algorithms in C?
  • What is SBC?
  • Lastly, tell us about your experience in our Institute with pursuance of your CITRIX Certification?

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