Civil Law Attorney Interview Questions

  1. What do you find most interesting about Civil Law attorney job profile?
  2. Tell us one of the instances when one of the promising witnesses in the case you are handling, dies in the middle of the ongoing case. What will you do?
  3. What are the 5 basic things you have learnt while pursuing your LLB course?
  4. Do you think you come within the definition of a workaholic?
  5. Suppose you are on the verge of losing a case for which you had put a stiff fight. What will you do if you lose the case?
  6. What emotional reactions do you undergo each time you lose a case?
  7. How is a civil suit different from a criminal suit?
  8. Which is tougher to handle among these two?
  9. How do you distress yourself after you have spent a hard day fighting cases in the court?
  10. What are your salary expectations from this profile?

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