civil service job interview questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself including background?
  2. Name any famous personality with whom you are sharing your name?
  3. Tell something about you hobbies and favourite games?
  4. Describe the principles or rules of game and name the recent famous personality associated with that game?
  5. Why do you want to join civil services? Any motivation behind it?
  6. You are a veterinary doctor, Explain one disease which can affect human body and sharing a few symptoms with Swine Flu?
  7. How can you relate your specific qualification in the civil service if you were the SP of Mumbai and what would action you would have preferred to take during the attack on Hotel Taj?
  8. You studied from IGNOU, what is the current salary package offered to newly appointed professors? Discuss latest education policy followed by the IGNOU?
  9. You have good experience in your field of expertise, don’t you think you can do better and serve your country in good manner?

10. What do you mean by serving the Nation?

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