Classic job interview questions

  1. Tell us about your last job and experience with previous organization?
  2. Discuss your career achievements? Name the organization which influenced you mostly during your candidature?
  3. Why you are interested to work with our organization? Share your philosophy of work with us?
  4. What kind of goals do you have in your life and describe about your dream job?
  5. How does this currently job fits in your profile? Why did you put gap of six months in your job profile? Mention the reason?
  6. What do you understand from fun making environment? What king of surroundings do you like to work efficiently in?
  7. How will you control the team of 30 candidates and how you will deal with the small disputes among your juniors? State the method you follow to sort out such small issues?
  8. Explain in one line how your educational and communicational skills can contribute in company’s growth and benefit?
  9. What are your current package expectations? Are you available to join with immediate effect if you are selected?
  10. Can you work under pressure and how you will deal with stressful?

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