Clerical job interview questions

  1. Introduce yourself to us and briefly tell us about your background?
  2. What kind of DBMS do you prefer while working internally? Give us an idea? And discuss the systems with best of your knowledge?
  3. How many times you have encountered with hectic situations when you need to juggle number of things?
  4. What kind of errors and mistakes you can find out and how much time it will take to make them blunder free? What is your efficiency to set up letters, memos from scratch?
  5. While typing an assignment and editing a document, what mistakes you do? If there is any, what method do you follow to overcome these mistakes?
  6. Can you handle the clerical pressure while admin inspection takes place?
  7. State with the help of an example what kind of information you should keep confidential? How will you deal with such tough situations?
  8. Why should we hire you as we are screening number of experienced candidates when so far you are not much experienced?
  9. Discuss, if you feel some other facility should be provided to you with offered salary and perks?

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