Clinical Researcher Associate Interview Questions

Clinical researcher associate assists the clinical researcher in the clinical labs. They assist their seniors in designing, planning and implementing clinical trials in order to ensure an ethical standard of drugs and medicine. Thus the clinical research associate interview questions should always emphasize on a candidate’s true ability and research bend mind.

Sample Clinical Research Associate Interview Questions

  1. According to you what is the role of a clinical research associate in a clinical research organization?
  2. Do you think you have those quality that one clinical researcher associate must possess? Give one convincing instance in support of your answer.
  3. Before entering a clinical research job as an associate what idea you have regarding this job position right now?
  4. Do you know what tasks you need to accomplish being a clinical researcher associate? If ‘yes’ then summarize the list of task you need to do.
  5. Do you have any previous experience on clinical laboratory jobs? If ‘yes’ what were your task there?
  6. What idea you have regarding clinical ethical committee?
  7. Can you explain the terms like selectivity and recovery? How they are correlated with each other?
  8. How can be matrix effect determined and maximized?
  9. Compare bio-equivalence study and bio-availability study according to your knowledge from the clinical research perspective?
  10. What are the experience you have gathered till date from your previous clinical research trainings and projects? How will you utilize them on your present work?
  11. How will you rate yourself as a clinical researcher associate on a scale of 10?

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