Cloud Computing Certification Interview Questions

A Cloud Computing Certification Interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who having completed the certification in cloud computing, is looking to join the Information technology industry and wants to work on the Cloud Computing space. The questions help to analyze the technical skills of the person related to cloud computing and various aspects related to the knowledge she has gained during the training. The questions also help to evaluate the understanding of the individual regarding different aspects of cloud computing.

Sample Cloud Computing Certification Interview Questions

  • What was the motivation for you before you joined this course?
  • Did you have any prior expectations before you joined this course? Please explain?
  • Were the expectations fulfilled?
  • How do you rate the course content?
  • What do you think about the quality of faculty who taught you this course?
  • What were the best aspects or things that you believe made a positive impact on you?
  • Are there any areas of improvement as far as the course structure and delivery methodology is concerned?
  • What kinds of criteria are you looking at to determine whether a particular service is a good candidate for cloud outsourcing?
  • What is Infrastructure / Platform as a Service (IaaS / PaaS) and how does it connect to cloud computing?
  • What is a hybrid / private / public cloud?
  • What three characteristics distinguish a cloud service from a traditional hosting service?
  • Describe some cloud service provider business models?
  • What is the framework used for cloud management and monitoring?
  • How do you ensure data security in the cloud?

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