COBOL Technical Interview Questions

1. What does level 49 signify in COBOL parlance?

2. Tell us how can you devise a program with various pull down and list boxes menus like excel.

3. Is it possible that without using the host variables we might select a working storage section variable?

4. What is the procedure of reading a file from the bottom?

5. What is the difference between applications coding that arises in a central and local version mode?

6. Can you tell us why one should prefer using an obtain instead of find and get?

7. What do you understand by an area sweep?

8. Can you tell us what its various usages are?

9. Define record locks?

10. Can you tell us in short how they are released?

11. In COBOL programming, IDMS plays the most crucial role of ensuring data integrity. What is your comment on this?

12. Do you have any queries regarding this job profile?

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