Common C Interview Questions

  1. What is C language? Explain Object Oriented Programming? Is there any difference between C and Object Oriented Programming?
  2. Explain the different features and advantages of C language?
  3. What is variable, character and constant? Where these three is used in C language?
  4. Explain the function of void (), getch () and main ()?
  5. How does getch () work differently from getch (char)?
  6. What is string? Why these are used in programs in C?
  7. Discuss macros? What do you understand from memory leak?
  8. State any difference between char*a and char a []? Discuss their functionality?
  9. Give definition of NULL pointer? What makes it different from utilization pointer?
  10. How does memory allocation takes place in C programming? State the difference between malloc () and calloc ()?
  11. What is the method to sort a list in C programming?
  12. Explain the different kinds of looping statements present in C language? Why do you use looping statements?

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