Common Group Interview Questions

Common group interview questions can be used to assess the ability of individuals to work together as a team. This includes being able to plan a common target or a goal and doing the required set of activities, checking whether they are working as per plan and being cognizant of the need of taking corrective steps if required. How well the group of people is able to mix among them and is able to take on and accomplish tasks which they cannot possibly do alone – all this gets answered using these questions. Some of the questions raised in the common group interviews are:

Sample Common Group Interview Questions

  • What is the goal set by your team and how have you prepared on the given topic?
  • How have you categorized the contribution of every candidate to the preparation of the team?
  • What was the level of difficulty faced by the team while preparing for the group interview and what strategy did the team used to overcome that barrier?
  • Is there any argument arose within the group while preparing for the discussion and how have you all divided the topic amongst yourself?
  • Have you developed any bonding with each other while working as a team?
  • What were the ups and downs faced by the team while preparing for the interview?
  • Did the team achieve the goal set at the initial level?
  • Have you learnt anything new while working as a team and how would you define the contribution of every individual for the team work?

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