Common Job Interview Questions

1.     Tell me about yourself.

2.    Why are you changing from your previous company?

3.    What are your long term goals?

4.    Are you comfortable as part of a team?

5.    If I enquired from your earlier boss about you, what opinion will he express?

6.    Why should we take you?

7.    How do you justify your pay expectations?

8.    Today, how are you different from the first job interview you faced?

9.    Which news item caught your attention in today’s newspaper?

10. What do you know about our products?

11.   Are you ready if your job involves considerable traveling?

12.  Will you accept additional responsibilities like handling petty cash for your department?

13.   Who is the role model in your life? Why?

14.  Which book do you remember the most? Why?

15.   Which film do you cherish the most and why?

16.  If you have to report to a younger officer, how do you feel?

17.   Are you prepared for periodic changes in your role at the work place?

18.     How long do you think you would work with us?

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