Common Nursing Interview Questions

  1. Why don’t you take us through your resume?
  2. Your resume says you were a good student of fine arts. What made you choose a common nursing career?
  3. You have done a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. Why didn’t you opt for a Master’s Degree?
  4. A good common nurse is required to have a pleasant personality. What is your take on this?
  5. Please tell us about your experience in Wonder Health Medicos Diagnostics, a nursing home in Sunrise Valley, New York.
  6. Mention 4 attributes of the humanitarian side of a good common nurse.
  7. Please let us know one incident that will prove that you’re prompt and timely action saved a patient’s life.
  8. What are the essential qualifications and knowledge that are expected in common nurse?
  9. What are your salary and incentives expectations from this job?
  10. Give us an example which will prove your previous employer benefited from your previous experience in the common nursing job.

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