Common Retail Interview Questions

  1. Let us know about yourself? Which place do you belong to?
  2. How do you rate your knowledge on retail management and retail marketing?
  3. Do you have the hobby of reading books? If yes, name the book you have read recently?
  4. With how many retail houses have you worked with?
  5. What is your policy to rate yourself among competitors?
  6. Have you ever lost any order due to wrong information provided to the customer?
  7. Suppose, we have a product, say, pencil, its normal like other pencils but our product’s cost is higher than others. How will you sell this product in bulk volume? Explain your method?
  8. How many hours can you work continuously?
  9. Do you prefer to work in a team?
  10. How do your communicational and convincing skills will participate in organizational growth?
  11. What inspired you to join this retail field?
  12. Which is more important to you: money or designation?
  13. Do you agree with the company timings?

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