Common sales Interview Questions

  1. What you have learnt from your till date experience?
  2. Which is your biggest strength and what else you need to improve in your skills to meet satisfaction level?
  3. Which is more important for you: high salary or desired designation?
  4. What is the definition of sale? To sale anything before you need to sale yourself, what do you understand from this?
  5. You have good marketing experience as well. Why are you so passionate to join sales department?
  6. Are you aware about target pool allotted to single person monthly? Do you think you have the ability to achieve such targets?
  7. How will you make a call to interested customer to sale products?
  8. How will you deal the customer who is seeking for discount of retails prices?
  9. Do you agree with offered salary and perks? Can you do over time in case of target shortage?
  10. Can you work under assistance? How many days training you need to start the work?

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