Company Secretary Interview Questions

Company sectary interview questions are specially programmed by the professionals used to interview the legible candidate for the job position of a company secretary. By estimating the educational qualifications, expert abilities and knowledge of handling various company procedures, the concerned department can hire the qualified candidate.

Sample Company Secretary Interview Questions:

  • Kindly tell us something about your previous working experience? Why do you think that you are eligible for this job?
  • What are the main job duties of a company sectary? Explain your involvement in routine official procedures.
  • As a company sectary, tell us something about your professional qualities. How do you rate your management skills?
  • What do you understand from modes of communication? How do you attend the important calls and e-mails regarding vital company schedules?
  • Have you ever faced a situation, where you held responsible for misbehaviour with clients and disclosing some sensitive information? If this will happen in the future, how would you deal with this embarrassing condition?
  • How do you upload and update the record shelves?
  • Are you aware about the legal codes and conducts to be watched out when commencing any essential agreement and contract from the behalf of the company?
  • How many types of annual report formats are available? Explain any two with the help of example.
  • What do you understand from corporate law and industry law? Explain the method of preparing a minutes of meeting sheet.
  • Discuss the difference between drafting a legal document, filling a form and registering norms.
  • What motivated you to be a company sectary?

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