Computer Job Interview Questions

  1. You haven’t completed your Masters Degree in Computers yet. How do you plan to complete it?
  2. How do you intend to pay the hefty tuition fees?
  3. What are the software that you aware of?
  4. How many programming languages do you know? Which is your favorite and why?
  5. What are your short term and long term objectives?
  6. Your academic records say you were a talented painter. What made you choose computers instead of creativity?
  7. How many hours can you sit non-stop in front of a computer?
  8. Share with us one instance where you had an interesting interaction with a computer geek.
  9. Do you have any know-how of hacking? Do you think it’s ethical or unethical?
  10. Name five major computer manufacturing brands that you know? Which is best among them?
  11. What makes you the idle candidate for this job?
  12. What type of work do you expect to have from this job profile?

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