Computer Science Interview Questions

A candidate qualified in the field of computer science is asked the computer science interview questions. A computer science candidate should have good knowledge of systems and is expected to possess both theoretical and practical knowledge of computer science processes. They are responsible for assessment of old computer technology and update it as and when required. The interview questions must be aimed at analyzing the problem-solving and analytical skills of the candidate apart from good communication skills.

Sample Computer Science Interview Questions

  • Tell us something about yourself briefly?
  • How do you seek the market for computer science students in the next ten years?
  • Can you tell us about a computer assisted method which is used for recording and analysis of a hypothetical system used in computers?
  • Where does the brain of a computer system lie?
  • Name any one computer language that is used for artificial intelligence?
  • What is the name of the section code to which the control gets transferred when a processor is interrupted?
  • Which is the computer part that initiates control operations and updates program instructions in a computer?
  • What powers does a binary system make use of?
  • Do you think the field of computer science has saturated or does it have any scope for further advancement?
  • What is the time needed for the execution of a simple machine instruction?
  • What is the program that converts assembly language into machine language?
  • What method will you follow to obtain a record from a cassette tape?
  • What is the name of the high speed MOS technology used by Intel Corporation known as?
  • A radian of a number system equals the number of its distinct counting digits. Do you agree?
  • Which section of the CPU selects, interprets and executes a program instruction?

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