Computer Technical Interview Questions

  1. Suppose you find there are 40 computers and 4 switches in the office. Now tell us how will you connect those computers? How will you configure them?
  2. What is the term used when one finds two different network layers are actually in communication with each other?
  3. What are different types of WAP protocols and what are its uses?
  4. Describe the normal procedure followed for transmitting data from one server to a different one with the help of a router by making use of a switch?
  5. If you are asked to connect a Token Ring segment to basically an Ethernet segment, which one would to select to do this – a brouter, a router or a bridge?
  6. Can you tell us the rationale behind calling it as TCP/IP protocol?
  7. Why do you think there is this requirement of maximum and minimum cable length?
  8. Do you know which protocol is normally applied to communicate between ISP and the client?
  9. What are your salary expectations with this job profile?
  10. Do you have any apprehensions of signing a bond for 2 years?

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