Content Writing Interview Questions

  1. Let us know about yourself?
  2. Name the institution from which have you completed your higher level education? What is your till date experience in Content Writing?
  3. Have you ever worked with any MNC as a content writer?
  4. What do you understand by content writing? What is the use of content writing in blogs and websites?
  5. How Content Writing is different from corporate writing? Discuss the available formats for content writing?
  6. What do you understand from Search Engine Optimizer? Why SEO put written content writes ups on different websites? Explain the concept behind it?
  7. Which techniques do you use often to write contents? On which technique do you remain focused while writing an assignment?
  8. Do you use any software to detect the errors after completing an assignment in content writing?
  9. Do you have any query to ask? Do you agree with offered perks and incentives?
  10. If we select you, when are you available to join us?

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