Cookie Testing Interview Questions

Cookie testing interview questions are used to conduct an interview session of the eligible candidates who appear for the Cookie testing interview. Cookie testing interview questions play a vital role in judging the professional skills, abilities and expertise of the interested candidate to appoint a deserving applicant who can perform routine Cookie Testing tasks effectively.

Sample of Cookie Testing Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your professional educational qualifications.
  • Have you already left your previous company? What is the reason behind your resignation?
  • Please mention something about your technical knowledge of handling Cookie Testing programs.
  • What is a Cookie? What are the different uses of cookies?
  • Tell us any two advantages and disadvantages of Cookies?
  • How do you perform a manual Cookie Testing program? Explain in steps.
  • What do you understand from Cookie Corrupting and Cookie Encryption? How do these both terms differ from each other?
  • Tell us about black box testing for cookies.
  • What would happen to a website if all cookies go disabled? What if some cookies of a particular website got rejected or blocked?
  • How do you detect the Cookie location in IE?
  • What is the procedure to test the cookies in a stateful web system? How is it different from an Internet Explorer Cookie testing?
  • Discuss the functioning of internet cookies. How do tracking cookies programs work?
  • What do you understand by HTTP_ Cookie?
  • How do you move cookie data?
  • If we appoint you today, when will you join us officially?  Are you ready to work in a team?

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