Cruise Director Interview Questions

Cruise director interview questions are asked to the job seekers, who are willing to acquire the job position of a cruise director. By estimating the educational level, judging the overall work experience and professional skills, a deserving candidate can be appointed.

Sample Cruise Director Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us about your best expertise as a cruise director. What was the reason behind your last job resignation?
  • As a cruise director, kindly talk about the duties and responsibilities you have fulfilled in your last organization?
  • Why entertainment, quality drinks, delicious multi- cuisine food is so important for establishing a successful cruise?
  • How did you finalize the entertainment crew and chef staff for your cruise?
  • What method do you follow to oversee the different department’s activities to keep them on toes?
  • Tell us about the customer room service facilities do you think a cruise must be equipped with?
  • Would you like to interact with the high profile customers and potential clients on the cruise?
  • What are the safety procedures and programs do you initiate for the security of passengers?
  • How do you review the overall performance of the cruise staff? What technique do you follow to ensure the timely staff training programs?
  • Have you ever had a time when some important people were travelling on your cruise and they faced many problems and you could not sort out their issues due to lack of sufficient resources?
  • How do you take the decisions about staff requirements?
  • If we select you today for our cruise, what are your salary exceptions?

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