Customer Care Executive Interview Questions

Customer care executive interview questions are framed by the experts to interview the eligible candidates, who are seeking to acquire the job position of a customer care executive. By evaluating the contenders’ professional experience, education level and knowledge of customer service procedures, a qualified candidate is hired by the concerned department.

Sample Customer Care Executive Interview Questions:

  • Mention something about your customer care experience? Why did you leave your previous job?
  • Explain the main job duties of a customer care executive.
  • How fluent is your English? Tell us about your communication skills in terms of reading & writing?
  • Give the definition of customer satisfaction index? How does this factor play a vital role in raising the popularity of an organization in terms of customer satisfaction?
  • How do you update and review the customer comments on certain products? What procedures do you follow for storing the routine record files and ensuring the security of sensitive information?
  • Do you think you can fulfil the assigned targets within the deadline?
  • How would you deal with a customer who is yelling on the phone and threatening for a legal action due to misguidance?
  • How many types of products have you handled till the date?
  • According to you, which mode of communication is effective and more convenient for responding to the customer queries?
  • How do you motivate yourself to perform better?
  • Tell us a time when you could not meet your targets? How did you handle such an issue full situation?
  • Are you comfortable in working in the night sifts or rotational shifts?
  • Why should we hire you when we have more experienced people in the interview queue?

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