Data Center Certification Interview Questions

A data center certification program is oriented towards acquainting a person on all the activities of data center engineering.  The certification makes the person qualified to design, implement and support data centers right from basic to critical situations. It helps in focusing on the networking needs of data centers that help in the interconnectivity of multiple centers of a company. The data center certification interview aims to recognize the capabilities of a certified person in handling critical areas smoothly apart from having knowledge of all the activities performed by a data center.

Sample Data Center Certification Interview Questions

  • What do you intend in terms of your career prospects when getting certified as a data center specialist?
  • What are all the modules that have been covered under the data center certification course? Describe briefly?
  • Are you now capable of handling all the activities of a data center?
  • What happens when you archive files in the hot backup mode will you be able to recover files if there is a failure?
  • What is the outcome when a primary key constraint is disabled?
  • What do you intend to become after the certification program – a development DBA or a Production DBA?
  • What are the uses of table functions?
  • What will you do to find the number of users logged into the database?
  • How will you generate an explain plan?
  • What is the solution for windows run time error that crops up on a system in the network?
  • What is the purpose of making use of a command line parameter cmd file?

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