Database Administrator Interview Questions

  1. What is your experience as Database administrator?
  2. Name the organizations in which you have worked till date? How was your experience as Database Administrator?
  3. Are you aware about database programming tools? Explain the different designs, patterns and commands used in preparation of database?
  4. Have you ever encountered management dispute and failure of targets?
  5. What is the method to check if your database is using recovery catalogue?
  6. What is parsing and how does this take place?
  7. What is database buffer block? Where you can use these? What is the procedure to use database buffer block?
  8. Explain different types of database buffer blocks?
  9. What would you do if hard disk crash takes place? Do you think you can recover data from such crash?
  10. Explain logical line backup? Explain the procedure to use this?
  11. If you’ve prepared database is in another disk? Where will you place Archive log files?
  12. What do you mean by fractured block? Why does this happen?

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