Database Analyst Interview Question

  1. Do you have any experience as Database Analyst?
  2. Are you aware about the responsibilities of Database Analyst?
  3. How do you deal if you find any mistake in Database project?
  4. How would you justify yourself if any error is found after your analytic process?
  5. Which techniques will you use to analyse the data? How much time you will take to analyse single project?
  6. How would you handle a client if he/ she ask for unreasonable change in database?
  7. Explain the different processes and tools used in database management to analyse a database project?
  8. How do you correlate sub quarries? Explain the difference between sub queries and join?
  9. What is view? How is it useful to view a project? Explain integrity and import?
  10. Explain Normal form? Why is it so important in database system?
  11. How would you suggest a database to a customer? Which requirements do you consider to suggest a database project?

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