Database Architect Interview Questions

  1. From which institute you have completed your higher qualification?
  2. What is your experience in data structure? Have you prepared any project on Data Structure? Mention the name of the project?
  3. Discuss your biggest strength and negative experiences?
  4. What do you understand from the word “data” and “structure”?
  5. Give the fundamental skills of a data architect?
  6. Discuss table space and scheme object? Explain the use of each with example?
  7. How can you keep the different schema objects within one table space? Do you think it is possible?
  8. Explain SGA and its location?
  9. How many types of keys are present in data structure? Name each key and mention features of these keys?
  10. What is the difference between primary key and different key? Where can you use these keys?
  11. What are constraints? Discuss about integrity constraints? Name the different constraints available in data structure?
  12. Explain data warehouse architecture?
  13. Give definition of data block and data file? Where can you use data block and how?

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