Database Concepts Interview Questions

  1. What is database system? What is the basic need of database system?
  2. What is a table? Define the dimensions and fact table? Discuss the different attributes of a table in a database system?
  3. Explain data mining? Where can you use this process?
  4. What is data warehousing? Explain the ETL process in data warehousing?
  5. Explain indexing and what kind of different indexing is present in database system?
  6. What is SQL? Explain its features?
  7. Discuss RDBMS? Explain its characters and process?
  8. Discuss Entity- Relationship diagram? Where these diagrams are used?
  9. What is integrity? Explain referential integrity?
  10. Give definition of key? Explain primary key, foreign key and alternate key?
  11. What is constraint? What different constraints are present in a database system?
  12. Discuss stored procedure? Where are these procedures needed?
  13. Explain truncate and delete commands?
  14. Give any two differences between normalization and demoralization? Explain the benefits of each?
  15. What is DDL and DML? What is the difference between two?

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