Database Design Interview Questions

  1. What do you mean from database design? Share your experience with us as database designer?
  2. Do you have any experience of working in a team? Discuss your positive and negative experience?
  3. Can you work under pressure? How do you evaluate your performance?
  4. Have you ever design any database system? If yes, discuss the structure and design? How much time did you take to design this one?
  5. Describe all the tools and processes used in database design?
  6. Name the different keys? Give definition of table, constraint and indexing?
  7. When you create a database, how is data stored in it?
  8. How do you configure TCP/ IP? How many different networking layers are there?
  9. How many different types of backups are available in SQL server?
  10. State the difference between login security mode 6.5 and 7.0?
  11. Explain cursor? Discuss different types of cursors available in database design? Give advantages and disadvantages of each?
  12. Discuss traditional library of Network for SQL?

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