Database Developer Interview Questions

  1. Do you have any experience in developing database?
  2. Have you scored any technical course in database development?
  3. What will you do if your prepared database is found faulty? How will you justify yourself?
  4. Can you assure us your satisfactory performance? Do you think you will able be maintain coordination between your team members?
  5. Name the different tools and designs available to develop database?
  6. Explain table, table space and key? What are constraints?
  7. How primary key is different from foreign key?
  8. Explain the difference between an output parameter and a return parameter?
  9. Describe query? What is sub query? Why these queries are so useful?
  10. What is a field in a table? How can assure that the field in specific table accepts certain range of values?
  11. Do you change the table name and field values after preparation of a table? Explain the procedure for the same?
  12. What value NULL holds? Explain the use of trigger?
  13. Discuss index? How can you prepare an index and why these are needed in Database?

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