Database Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about you database developing skills?
  2. This job is a challenging job of database development? Do you think you are capable of handling this job? If yes, how you will manage this job?
  3. Have you ever worked on large target projects within a team?
  4. We need a database developer with sound knowledge on data architecture. Explain how many data structure you know with relevant definition?
  5. How will you handle the stress generated due to top management and concerned authorities? What is your statement regarding handling this strain?
  6. If some miscommunication issues take place between your team and other concerned departments, how will you sort out such pressures?
  7. As a database developer, which all database systems you have developed, modified and worked with?
  8. If you are handling a project in a shorter time limit, how would you motivate your team to work hard and intelligently to complete the assignment?
  9. Do you agree with our bond duration and salary offered?
  10. What are your expectations from this job profile?

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